About Us

behind the scenes at Chaac

Our Mission

Our mission is to modernize the way we work with the use of emerging technologies.

As we study the latest technologies, we strive to find creative methods to streamline work related operations. Developing a digital mindset and improving the way we work is part of Chaac’s journey.

Our Vision

We founded Chaac with one clear intention: to reinvent and shape the workplace of tomorrow.

We firmly believe that the right application of technology will play an instrumental role in enhancing the way people work, making a significant impact on their well-being.

By bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world, we will be able to achieve things we’ve never imagined before.


Collaboration fuels human evolution. It’s where diverse skills converge to solve problems, where ideas flow freely, and where learning and innovation thrive. Building trust and connection is essential. 

At Chaac Technologies, we embrace the challenge of collaboration because we know it’s the key to growth.


High-agency means forging our own path, not waiting for perfect conditions. We control our actions, overcome obstacles, and shape our own destiny.

At Chaac Technologies, high-agency isn’t just a mindset, it’s how we thrive. This is the Chaac Way!


Creativity is a force of curiosity, risk, and endless coffee! It drives growth, innovation, and pushes us to think differently. This kind of thinking fuels success, setting us apart from the competition. 

At Chaac Technologies, creativity isn’t just a perk – it’s our fuel.


We believe in open communication and honest feedback for the benefit of our organization, employees, and clients. Sharing information openly is core to our philosophy. 

At Chaac Technologies, transparency isn’t a value, it’s how we operate!

The Chaac Code

Innovate, Change, Grow!

It is our conviction that if we want to build products that have a lasting impact on the world, we must also take the lead in shaping the social and cultural landscape of our own communities.

Our culture is built on collaboration, high-agency, creativity, and transparency. We value diversity, equality, curiosity, and imagination. Commitment to growth and a positive attitude are expected of each employee.

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

At Chaac Technologies, our strength lies in diversity.
Engineers, AI developers, artists, strategists – we each bring unique skills and perspectives to pursue our shared vision.
This team is united by a relentless commitment to our mission.

Guillaume Nepveu

Founder & CEO

Maxime Phaneuf

Head of R&D

Marc-Antoine Girard

Chief Technology Officer

Fouad Mallouk

Chief Marketing Officer

François Duray

Chief Sales Officer

Jean-Nicolas Rousseau

Project Manager

Dmitriy Kryukov

Front-end Developer

Chris McKnight

3D Artist Lead

Jorge Morales

3D Artist

Parsa Rafieepooralavi

Virtual Reality Developer

Ryan Sue-A-Quan

3D Artist

Aleck Loiselle

Back-End Developer

Nathan John Haylett

Military Navigation Expert

Sébastien Lévesque

Virtual Reality Developer

Renaud Léveillé

Virtual Reality Developer

Mathieu Picard

Artificial Intelligence Developer

Marc-Antoine Giguere

Technical Lead

Brian J. McGee

Senior Virtual Reality Developer

Gabriel Guy

3D Artist

Matthew Douglas

Virtual Reality Developer

Gabriel Desgagné

Lead Virtual Reality Developer

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